We identify our shavings by number rather than by name:

#1.   All poplar screened shavings — Bagged in paper or plastic bags — 3.2 cu. ft. compressed — 35 bags per pallet — 2 pallets minimum order.
#2.   All pine screened shavings — Bagged or Bulk. The bagged shavings are all plastic bags — 3.0 cu. ft. compressed — 45 bags per pallet — 2 pallet minimum order. The bulk shavings are delivered in 45 or 53 ft. walking floor trailers. Ideal bedding for horses and cattle. Ideal litter for poultry, borrder and grow out barns.
#3.   98% poplar shavings — By-product from millwork. Contains some dust — not screened. Used for poultry and cattle barns.
#4.   Screened poplar by-product shavings. Used mainly in brooder turkey barns.