Our Products

We produce both pine and poplar shavings—selling them in bulk and bales. Our pine shavings are made from pine logs that we buy daily. It is a thin, small shaving with almost no dust. It has been screened with the dust being removed to power our 26 million BTU dryer that is used to dry our shavings to 10% moisture level or less.

The poplar shavings are made from poplar logs using the same process as described above plus we use the poplar by-product that we receive from millwork.

We package our pine shavings in plastic bags compressed to 3.0 cu. ft. Our poplar shavings are packaged in plastic and paper bags compressed to 3.2 cu. ft. We deliver our bulk shavings in our own 45 ft and 53 ft walking floor trailers. They also can be picked up in your own truck or trailer.

Please call for pricing and arrangements to pick up product. We will send you a one-gallon zip-locked bag of our product for your inspection upon request.